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Diamond Glow Membership

Diamond Glow Membership

$149 per month

Treat your skin to the cleansing, hydration, and custom care it deserves, all at a Diamond Glow Rate that keeps your bank account looking as healthy as your complexion. 

Membership includes:

  • 1 diamond glow per month for 12 months
  • $460 in total annual savings
  • 2 complimentary boosters a year to be used at your discretion
  • Enjoy the discounted HydraFacial rate of $149 for any additional treatments throughout the year
  • Receive a complimentary "Welcome" SkinMedica Bag with travel size SkinMedica products
  • 10% off all Skinceuticals at any time
  • Exclusive appointment times for members only
  • VIP Perks